Cheap Tricks , installation view, stoneware clay with underglaze and stain, steel, butcher’s hooks, and castors, 2018  Featured in CFile’s  Exhibition Digest
  Violently  (installation 1), ceramic, concrete, terracotta shards, butcher's hooks, 2016   Violently,  Artinformal , Metro Manila, 2016
  New Folk Heroes , ceramic, concrete, timber, found objects, 2016   roundabout,  group exhibition, Riel Hilario, Wawi Navarroza, Mark Valenzuela OzAsia Festival, Adelaide Central Gallery, 2016   Catalogue Essay by Cath Kenneally   Photography by James Field, courtesy Adelaide Central School of Art
  Headshots  (installation 1 - detail), porcelain, stoneware, terracotta, rubber, 2016   Headshots , Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Darwin, Australia, 2016
  Blindspot (detail),  stoneware, porcelain, underglaze, string, video projection, and unfired clay, variable sizes, 2015  Thirteen Artists Awards, Cultural Center of the Philippines, 2015   'Mark Valenzuela: Liable Eponyms' by Jonathan Olazo ,  Thirteen Artists Awards 2015 Catalogue,  p.32   
  terraformers , stoneware, underglaze, string, concrete, terracotta shards, 2015   terraforming,  two-person exhibition with Pablo Capati III Vargas Museum, University of the Philippines, 2015   Catalogue text by Patrick D. Flores   Photography by Melvyn Calderon, post-processing by Gigi Lapid
  Mythomaniac , stoneware, porcelain, underglaze, 2014  Mythopoeic Inventions, Metro Manila, 2014
  Gray Wall I  (detail), terracotta, porceain, underglaze, 2013
  Aquarium , terracotta and wood, 2011   Zugzwang , Artinformal, Metro Manila, Philippines, 2011   
  Camouflage  (detail), terracotta, 2007   Warzone , Galleria Duemila, Metro Manila, Philippines, 2007   Catalogue essay by Riel Hilario