Selected essays, reviews and features

Australian Ceramics Triennale hosts Tambays in Tasmania, Ronald Manila, SBS Filipino, 4 May 2019 (link)
Global Filipino Contemporary Artists, Jewel Chuaunsu, in Art Archive 01, Japan Foundation, Manila, 2017 (link)
Mark Valenzuela – Karen H. Montinola Selection, Art Fair Philippines, Iris Ferrer, Catalogue Essay, 2017
Self-taught artist Mark Valenzuela integrates painting, drawings, ceramics in a single work, Chinggay Labrador, Town & Country Philippines, 19 Feb 2017 (link)
Art enraged, Ma. Ceres P. Doyo, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 16 March 2017 (link)
Violently, Iris Ferrer, Catalogue Essay, 2016
roundabout, Cath Kenneally, Catalogue Essay, 2016 (link)
OzAsia 2016: Life distilled into moments, Chris Reid, RealTime, Issue 135 Oct-Nov 2016 (link)
Cultural Center of the Philippines Thirteen Artists Awards 2015, Jonathan Olazo, Catalogue Essay, 2015 (link)
Acts of the Apostles, Trickie Lopa, Rogue Magazine Philippines, August 2015
Art Here and Now, Mia Lauengco, Lifestyle Asia, September 2015
Choice: Ceramics at Beaver Galleries, Kerry-Anne Cousins, The Sydney Morning Herald, 17 July 2015 & The Canberra Times, 18 July 2015 (link)
Terraforming, Patrick D. Flores, Catalogue Essay, 2015 (link)
Diaspora and Displacement, Viv Lawes, Catalogue Essay, 2014
Diaspora is the theme of Filipino art show in the UK, Cheah Ui-Hoon, The Business Times (Singapore), 24 Oct 2014 (link)
‘Untimely Meditatin’ – Bakunin, Ken Bolton, The Dark Horsey Form Guide, vol. 14.1, 2014
Introducing Mark Valenzuela, Sophia Phillips, Australian Journal of Ceramics, vol. 53 no. 1, 2014
Artistic exchange springs from FB and Skype dialogue, Gina Fairley, ArtsHub, 1 April 2014
Clay Push South East Asian Presenters, Australian Journal of Ceramics, vol. 52, no. 2, 2013
Philippines makes a mark in Singapore Artstage, Philstar, 27 January 2013
Magnified Territory, Cath Kenneally, Catalogue Essay, 2013
‘The wheels come off, the wheels get re-invented’ – A space chicken to Captain Beefheart, Ken Bolton, The Dark Horsey Form Guide, vol. 12.4, 2012
2012 Ateneo Arts Award Shortlisted Artists, Philstar, 22 June 2012
Shoko Mafune and Mark Valenzuela: Of Reminiscences, Pam Brooke A. Casin, Manila Bulletin, 28 March 2011
Galleria Duemila’s two-man show, Malaya Business Insight, 1 April 2011
Mark Valenzuela – Reconnecting with the past, Jimmy B. Perez, the Filipino Express, March 2011
Terracotta shapes this Zamboanga native’s philosophy as an artist, KC Santos, Loqal, 19 August 2010
Platoon of Strangers: Mark Valenzuela on unknowing in the world of wayward industrialization, Joseph Alex, BluPrint, vol. 8, 2009
For love of art and environment, Redempto Anda, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 11 February 2008
Passage and Revelation in Mark Valenzuela’s War Zone, Riel Hilario, Catalogue Essay, 2007 (link)
‘Palayok’ art movement is all fired up, Riel Hilario, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 2 July 2007
Twin shows at Duemila, Business Mirror, 27 June 2007
Noted artists lead tree-planting feast in Puerto Princesa, Redempto Anda, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 25 June 2007
'Terrain', 2nd Dumaguete Biennial Terracotta Art Festival Exhibit and Competition, Patrick D. Flores, Catalogue Essay, 2007
Stories from clay masks, Ian Rosales Cascot, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 25 December 2006