Boxplot is a flexible curatorial project that provides visual artists from Australia and Southeast Asia with opportunities for collaboration, exhibition and exchange. Founded in 2013 by Mark Valenzuela and Anna O’Loughlin, the project began with a series of independent exhibitions held in alternative spaces in Adelaide that connected artists from Australia and the Philippines. Since this time, Boxplot has focused on curating exhibitions, projects and residencies in partnership with art spaces in Australia, the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia.

Project partners have included: Australia: Australian Ceramics Triennale, University of Tasmania, Darwin Community Arts, Nexus Arts; Philippines: Artinformal Gallery, Vargas Museum, Tropical Blaze, J Studio, 98B COLLABoratory; Singapore: One East Asia, TU Collab; Indonesia: Lir Space

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Tambay: A Triennale Special Project (link)
The Australian Ceramics Triennale, Hobart, Tasmania
May 2019
Artists: Pablo Capati III (PH), Mark Valenzuela (PH), Babbo Wenceslao (PH)

Watchfire (link)
Silverlens, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
January 2019
Artists: Joey de Castro (PH), Shozo Michikawa (JP), Jon Pettyjohn (PH), Tessy Pettyjohn (PH), Alvin Tan Teck Heng (SG)

Variables of the Function
T U Collab, Novelty Tech Point, Singapore
November - December 2018
Artists: Hetty Lie-Schricke (SG), Ella Mendoza (PH), Hiroko Mita (SG), Krista Nogueras (PH), Jezzel Wee (PH)

My flesh whispers an urgent story
Artinformal, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
March – April 2018
Artist: Angelica Harris-Faull (AU)

Buy 1 Take 1
Artinformal, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
March – April 2018
Artists: Alycia Bennett (AU) and Mark Valenzuela (AU/PH)

One East Asia, Singapore
December 2016
Artist: Pablo Capati III (PH)

Inside outside inside on
J Studio, Taguig, Philippines and 98B COLLABoratory
October 2016
Artists: Alma Zosan Alcoran (PH), Amina McConvell (AU), Angelica Harris-Faull (AU), Intel Japitana (PH), Jess Taylor (AU)

Building an Empire
One East Asia, Singapore, and Nexus Arts, Adelaide, Australia
August 2015 and December 2015
Artist: Alvin Tan Teck Heng (SG)

Vargas Museum, University of the Philippines, Quezon City
March 2015
Philippines Artists: Pablo Capati III (PH) and Mark Valenzuela (PH)

Gibson Street, Bowden, Adelaide, Australia
 April – May 2014
Artists: Aleksandra Antic (AU), Anjo Bolarda (PH), Rommel Joson (PH), Glenn Kestell (AU), Tristram Miravalles (PH), Mark Valenzuela (AU/PH)

Artinformal, Greenhills, Metro Manila, Philippines
March – April 2014
Artists: Rita Badilla-Gudino (PH), Pablo Capati III (PH), Joey de Castro (PH), Maria Chatzinikolaki (AU), Pete Cortes (PH), Helen Fuller (AU), Joe Geraldo (PH), Bathma Kaew-ngok (TH), Wayne Mcara (AU), Hadrian Mendoza (USA/PH), Jon Pettyjohn (PH), Benjie Ranada (PH), Ulrica Trulsson (AU), and Mark Valenzuela (AU/PH)
Co-curated with Joel Alonday

Level 1, Adelaide Central Plaza, Australia
November 2013
Artists: Aleksandra Antic (AU), Pablo Capati III (PH), Helen Fuller (AU), Ulrica Trulsson (AU), Mark Valenzuela (PH)

Magnified Territory
22 Gibson Street, Bowden, Adelaide, Australia
May – June 2013
Artists: Michael Teves (PH) and Mark Valenzuela (AU/PH)

Creatures under the bricks
Nexus Arts, Adelaide, Australia
May 2013
Artists: Pablo Capati III (PH), Hadrian Mendoza (USA/PH), Mark Valenzuela (AUS/PH)


Home brew residencies
Boxplot runs an informal residency program in Adelaide, Australia, for ceramic artists from the Philippines. In 2018, Boxplot hosted two emerging artists from the Philippines: Ness Sheen in January 2018 and Jezzel Wee in October - November 2018.

Tropical Blaze
Boxplot provides ongoing curatorial support to Tropical Blaze, a biannual international ceramics conference held at the studio of Pablo Capati III in San Jose, Batangas, Philippines. Tropical Blaze is run in partnership with the University of the Philippines.

Vanishing in the Process
Boxplot was a co-curator of Vanishing in the Process, an international research collective of 11 artists and curators from Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The program centred on two residencies; the first held at LIR Space (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) in December 2017 and the second at 98B COLLABoratory (Manila, Philippines) in February - March 2018. Supported by the Australia Council. 

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